Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor

Take One Painting

National Film and Television Workshop


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My roles on the Project:

  • 3D artist
  • Compositor

This was the first workshop we did at the NFTS. The brief was to create a set extension following the complete industry pipeline. We were alone on the project and had to go through every Visual Effects departments on our own.


Even though I loved the CG part of the job and I learned so much while experimenting with Maya Zbrush and Substance, this workshop conforted me in my decision to go for compositing.


Even though I am not a CG artist I am quite proud of what I manage to achieve. Paradoxally this 3D experience made me learn a lot on Compositing and the pipeline between both.


On the final week I decide to take a bit of time to do comped lightrays on the back, They are not realistics in a way that they suggest to much atomospher compare to what has been shot on set, but this was a way for me learn how to import a camera from Maya to Nuke and play with cards and mattes from AOVs.