Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor

Reality Heist

A National Film and Televsion Short-film


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My roles on the Project:

  • 2D Supervisor
  • Lead Compositor
  • VFX editor

I integrated the Collider wich was fully CG. I worked closely with the modeller Olivier Lemery to create differents AOVs set up. We did different technical iterations while working on the look developmment to find the best workflow possible.

While working on this shot I created a tool to generate positions for lightnings. I wrote about it in this article.


I also integrated the graphics for all the computer screens.


The team:

  • Directed by Olivier Lemery
  • Director of photography : Robb O’Kelly
  • Producer: Sinem Saridagli
  • Lead Actress: Florence Robert
  • Editor: Max Reynold
  • Composer: Matteo Tronchin
  • CG artists: Olivier Lemery, Marta Giacobbe, Sarah khyari
  • Compositors: Danielle Parker, Danny Peoples, Myself
  • Colourist : Vanessa Aparicio