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WIP - Clean Script tool

Nuke Tool Developed Using Python


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This tool’s purpose is to get rid of everything that is not vital for the script.

How it works:

-It checks every node in use by other nodes, and logically the nodes that are not in used by any other nodes are the last ones of the branches. That way the script works its way up the tree.

It creates exceptions on Write node. If the the last node of a branch is a Write then it is considered useful.


What it does:

-It deletes disabled nodes by default ( or not if “disable” option not ticked by the user)

-It deletes viewers nodes in groups by default.


-It leaves nodes that are needed for an expression link even if it they are in un-useful branches but will still delete the rest of the branch. ( this still WIP and needs improvement)


-It deletes backdrops nodes if they don’t contains any more nodes.


-The sticky notes are removed if “sources” option is unticked.


If you have any ides or recommendation of improvement, you can send me an email here :


You can download the tool on my Github here: