Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor


Amazon Series – Milk VFX


My role on the Project:

  • Junior Compositor

This was my first project when I arrived at MILK VFX. A short turnover with a great team, it was a real pleasure to work on this project.

I worked exclusively on episode 6 and some of my tasks were to integrates screens on the submarin scene. I helped with tech checking some shots, integrated some scars and a fancy editing stitch. As a first project in the company I definetely learned a lot ans I am  proud of the result!

Shout out to my Lead Joseph Courtis, the VFX supervisor  Ciaran Crowley, the 2 compositors Connor Guyler and Andres Talegon who offered me valuable help and advice and of course all the production team including Marie O’BrienChloe Begtine and Sarah Mason