Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor

Beneath the Surface

A Stop Motion Animated Short-film


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My roles on the Project:

  • VFX supervisor
  • Colourist
This animated short film has been directed by Maya Visscher for the end of her undergrad. She wanted a glowing fish wandering around dark water.
I decided to separate the shooting of the background that would be done using a video camera and the shooting of the fish that would be done in stop motion on a bluescreen.

I sued a lot of comp trick to make the footage to feel much more like underwater adding particles, lightrays, caustics and playing with the grade.

Of course this wad done alreday some time ago and I would prably do it in a completely different way today and would push some effects much more. This project was a learning process for me as it was the first I’ve done completely on Nuke.

The team:

  • Directed by Maya Visscher
  • Director of photography : Cyrille Regnier
  • Producer:  Valentine Guiot