Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor

Au Fond

A Stop Motion Animated Short-film


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My roles on the Project:

  • Co-Director
  • VFX supervisor
  • Editor
  • Colourist

        “Au fond” is a short film I co-Directed in 2018 during my BA with Maya Visscher. I supervised the Visual Effects as well and Maya and I decided to inspire oursleves form the short film Madame Tutli Putli. The idea was to put human eyes on our puppets. At this time I had no idea how to use Nuke as I was only taught After Effect and C4D.


          The challenge was to match move the heads position to integrate a plate of our faces projected onto a 3D models. I found out that, because the space between 2 head positions was so big and uneven, all the trackings I could try didnt give me a good enough result. Maybe now with the skills I aquired it would be  easier. From the advice of a tutor I decided to try the KeenTool Face tracking Plugin on Nuke. Knowing that I never touched Nuke before and the Plugin was in trial mode, I had 1 month to do everything and that was kind of challenge.


          I managed in the end, the plugin gave a really good 3D track. I sent the animated 3D model back to C4D to project the footage and then back to after effect for compositing. Of course now I would do everything on Nuke but at the time it was the easiest and most effective pipeline I found.


           Even though this was 4 years ago and I learned so much since, I still think it is a pretty decent result today.