Baptiste Audouin

VFX Compositor


 National Film and Televsion – Motion Control Workshop


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My roles on the Project:

  • 2D Supervisor
  • Lead Compositor
  • VFX editor

I integrated the Pod and the Helmet wich were fully CG. I worked closely with the modellers Olivier Lemery (Pod) and Marta Giaccobbe (Helmet) to created differents AOVs set up. We used a light based AOV setup for the Pod to animate the light indivdually and a shader based AOV setup for the helmet to have full control on the specularity.


On set I supervised the tracking pass and the Green Screen pass (the multi-passes being allowed by the Motion Control set up) which were both used in my comp.


This project was a real challenge as we did’nt have the ressources yet to do a good 3D track. That implied for me a lot of 2D stabilisation work, especially on the helmet wich sits on the table. The light, exclusively coming from the floor, was very diffuse wich made the grading work tricky to make it feel natural.


The ceiling is CG as well and the bathroom is a DMP made by Danielle Parker that I both integrated and stabilized.


The team:

  • Miniature Model made by the 2021 NFTS Model Makers
  • Director of photography : Robb O’Kelly
  • CG artists: Olivier Lemery, Marta Giaccobe
  • Digital Matte Paiting: Danielle Parker